Plot Summary

A group of friends get together for a double date and jump to too many conclusions.

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Production Dates:

March 15th, March 28th

Director: Jaron Lamer
Writer: Emily Kane
Producer: Anna Strauser
Film Credit
Copy of Film

Seeking to fill the following positions:
  • Sam - lead role, male, any ethnicity, age 18-30
  • Mac - lead role, male, any ethnicity, age 18-30
  • Naomi - lead role, female, Asian, age 18-30

Additional Information:
  • Open casting - Sunday, March 1st
  • Rehearsal - Sunday, March 15th
  • Filming - Saturday, March 28th
  • All in the Phoenixville, PA area
  • Additional compensation for travel on rehearsal and filming dates may be considered.