Plot Summary

Two people, man and a woman, sit in a restaurant/diner. Quiet. Silent. She has just told him something. Something that changes their lives. He doesn’t know what to say. He wants to be the man she knows he can be but doesn’t know how. She wants for a response. Something. Anything. He looks up at her and….

Production Dates:


Director: Adam Michael
Writer: Adam Michael
Producer: Adam Michael
Casting: Adam Michael

Seeking to fill the following positions:

A man and a woman. Younger. Under 30 looking. Physical description does not matter. Ability to express great emotion through your face, eyes and body language. Requires an open-mind and ability to treat a subject matter very seriously and express deep, honest, serious emotion.

Also seeking locations:
Small diner or restaurant. Something personal. Something private. Something intimate. Tables or booths.

Additional Information:

The pay will be based on a days worth of work.

Talent Submissions
Resume is not a must. Picture of yourself or ability to send me a picture to email. Experience is not required but preferred.

Location Submissions
Let me know if you would be willing to let us use your restaurant/diner/eating establishment for one day. No more than a couple hours probably. Or if you know of a place. We would purchase food and beverage from your establishment for the cast.