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Posted October 5, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: Patrick, who suffers from Agoraphobia and social anxiety, has never been able to walk more than 1 mile away from his home. Tired of being overcome with fear and stress, he starts using a new Al powered contact lenses, that promises to subside his anxieties and to guide him towards his life goals. It does so by gasifying his life, turning his daily actions and decisions into a fun engaging game. But while the Al helps him become more socially active and pushes him to be more adventurous in his decision making, it also creates a massive dependency, to the point where Patrick is completely addicted to it.

TITLE: Sight
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Mid length, narrative film (50 min)
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals, TV

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

Character 1 – Lead role
A socially awkward guy who suffers from Agoraphobia, an introverted gamer. He’s the type of person who never really figured out what to do with his life, and whenever he had to take action – he would choose escapism instead.
This all changes when he gets his hands on an app that completely gamifies his life, turning him into a confident, articulate and successful person. But this new exciting app also makes him extremely depended, almost like how an addict is hooked on drugs.

• Black hair
• Thin
• A bit creepy, but good looking
• Charismatic but shy
• 25-32 Years old

Reference: Rami Malek

Character 2 – supporting role
Daphne went to highschool with our protagonist Patrick, who always had a secret crush on her. She’s elegant, smart, artistic and sensitive with charming looks. She’s a restoration artist, who works on preserving oil paintings from the 18th century.
For Patrick, Daphne was someone he thought he could never get and winning her over becomes his main goal. Eventually, she goes out with him, but unlike Patrick (who relies heavily on his Sight lenses), she is less into tech and tries to “peel off” the fakeness out of Patrick. When she doesn’t succeed, she pulls away and Patrick is left wanting more.


• Beautiful
• “Girl next door”
• Confident
• Sophisticated

Reference: Rosario Dawson, Brie Larson

Character 3 – Alex
A good looking, sharp, charismatic person that projects success. He’s the type of salesperson that can sell you anything. Alex meets our protagonist Patrick in group therapy – he’s there to find vulnerable, naive people that have nothing to lose (like Patrick), and get them to purchase a shady app he’s promoting. As the story unfolds, we later find out that Alex is actually a Salesbot – meaning he’s not a real person, but a virtual BOT that is designed to sell products.

• Very handsome
• Fit
• Confident
• Strong and powerful

Reference: Armie Hammer

Character 4 – Group host
Group host
Our protagonist goes to a support group for Agoraphobia. The meetings are run by the group host – a lovey-dovey guy who’s a combination of dr Phil and Richard Karn. His intentions are good, but he uses a lot of old, worn-out cliches that don’t really motivate anyone to do anything. He tries to help Patrick to get over his Agoraphobia and self-esteem issues. And while he identifies Patrick’s issues quite accurately, he lacks the ability to really make a change in Patrick and ends up turning him against the group sessions.

• Big guy
• Warm and inviting
• Confident
• Cheezy and old fashion

Reference: Richard Karn

PAY: Paid

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: October 20, 2019

Gil Sima

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