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Posted December 6, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Where do women go when they are frustrated in the office? Where do they go to call to check on their children during the day? Where do they go to have a bit of personal space when work is driving them crazy? For the women in the shipping department of WJD products; they find solace in the ladies restroom on the 5th floor. The women in this office must learn to join forces and become a team or individuals will be replaced. This inspirational play is about the relationships between women in the workplace; how different personalities can sometimes clash and how sometimes we forget about the lives that go on outside the office. These women must learn the vaule of trusting and respecting one another to be at their best. Who will step up and pull this group of women together to prove to upper management that they all deserve to remain in the department? Who will have to get cut in order for the team to move forward in victory?

TITLE: Where It All Goes Down
CATEGORY: Stage Play

COMPANY: Queenie Productions

DATE: To Be Announced – March Date (2018)
LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

JUDY: Older woman (60’s), germaphobe, southern charmer, the narrator of sorts of the play. She’s the receptionist and seems to know everything about all the women she works with. Her wit and charm steal the hearts of some and down right gets on the nerve of others. Doesn’t like people in her personal space.

SONIA: Younger than Judy but mature. Manager of the team. She’s mean disapproving of anything anyone does. Has a chip on her shoulder and no one likes to be around her. Doesn’t listen but gives orders and criticizes EVERYONE’S abilities. She should be the glue that holds the team but the glue in her own life is not sticking. Short tempered and not very personable with anyone. Looks down on people like her or whom she feels is a threat to her position.

ANN: SINGING REQUIRED Mature middle aged woman who everyone goes to for encouragement. She’s kind, funny, and stern all rolled into one sweet woman who doesn’t mind bringing the Lord into any conversation. She’s quite the “church lady”, in the office. Theres not a conversation where the word of God doesn’t fall out of her mouth. She does it without even realizing it. Bit of a secret about her own personal life and the fact that she doesn’t care for Sonia. She hold in every offense and sometimes its not good for her.

CECELIA: SINGING REQUIRED “The office busy body“ Cecelia is 25-30, not very professional this is really just a job to her. She spreads gossip and seems to be a bit of a fake. She thinks she’s the next Kim Khardashian. She’s friendly, and loves talking about herself. Cecelia is a promiscuous woman whose not ashamed of her actions.

IDIL: HR, non american woman who is very professional. Very kind, not too personable. Soft spoken, knows what she wants, comes to work and doesn’t really bother anyone. A rumor has been spread about her, she feels she can ignore but they have gotten out of hand to the point she must address her accuser.

AMANDA: “THE MILLENIAL” The reality of what goes on in the small business sector has Amanda shocked she came in confident and ready to become the next president of the company but everyone treats her like a baby. She is very smart and is taken for granted. The girls in the office will pull together to help Amanda be all that she can be when they discover just how amazing she is.

ANTONIO: SINGING REQUIRED “THE JANITOR” Working his way through college; knows everyone in the building. Well respected by everyone except Cecelia. “Tony” as some lovingly call him has a knack for discerning the truth in people. He’s not afraid to point that out either. Witty and charming will break into a song of encouragement if need be. He’s not seen much but his moments are powerful and he usually imparts the male point of view on the situations the ladies are in.

OFFICE CHATTER: SINGING REQUIRED Group of women who talk about things going on in the office. Three women needed vocalability required….

PAY: Paid
NOTES: No pay for rehearsal, paid per show to be discussed if chosen for role.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: December 15, 2017
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay, Reel link
NOTES: Thank you and good luck!

Natalie Davis

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