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LOGLINE: Lovelusted vampire Dusk Darkrose, works to keep her love lust in check from becoming the ripper on Halloween as she deals with the forever departure from her love, Stefan Salvatore.

TITLE: Lovelust
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
NOTES: SAG Actors are welcome to audition as well.

COMPANY: Lyric Briley Productions

DIRECTOR: Lyric Briley
WRITER: Lyric Briley and Eleana Princess
PRODUCER: Lyric Briley
CASTING: Lyric Briley

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Dusk Darkrose: (Girls 15-21) Dusk is lovelust and has always been love lust. She desires to be in love. She only has one love. Feeding on human blood satisfies her love lust until she’s back to being a crying wreck. She desires to feed on human blood because she’s lovelust and thats what gets her through the day. Dusk feels alone even in a crowd of people, she never gets excited. Dusk believes it’s the end of the world in her mind. She is caring, on edge and afraid of her own behavior and becoming the ripper. She’s hurting deep inside.

Dawn Darkrose: (Girls ages 15-21) Dawn is Dusk’s vampire adopted sister. Dawn has been by Dusk’s side since the both of their parents abandoned them when they were four. Dawn has done everything with Dusk, from getting their daylight rings to compelling their way into getting a home. Dawn loves the daylight. Dawn is cocky, thrill seeking and loves a good time. She loves her sister and will do anything for her. Dawn loves Halloween and is always down for a good thrilling story.

Garnet Thundernight: (Girls ages 14-21) Garnet is Dusk and Dawn’s supportive, caring and generous friend. Garnet is a vampire. She doesn’t feed on human blood. Garnet is a vegetarian and cares
about animals. Garnet cares about the planet, nature and loves to be outdoors. She loves the smell and taste of blood and will do anything for a sip. But she is disciplined and knows better. Garnet eats vegetables in place of feeding on human blood.

Gwendoline Heartdream: (Girls 14-18) Gwendoline is sweet, angelic and poised. She’s an angel creature and is a watch patrol of the town. She’s protective and loving. Gwendoline becomes curious of Dusk. Gwendoline has a hard time understanding a ripper like Dusk. She panics in times of calamity and hates the scent of blood and hates messes.

Tristan Hollowtree: (Boys ages 14-18) Tristan is a teen warlock. He’s the popular guy at school. He is cool, fun loving and full of himself. He tries to be a know it all. He likes pranking and putting spells on people. He competes with the whole neighborhood to see who throws the best holiday parties and cheats at everything he does. Tristan is a jerk that really only cares about himself and his well-being.

Mr. Heartdream: (Women ages 30-49) Dave Heartdream is Gwendoline’s father. He is an angel creature and is the principal at gloom valley high. He is caring, loving and considerate of everyone. Mr. Heartdream can easily be brainwashed and doesn’t stand firm on most of his decisions.

Mrs. Heartdream: (Men ages 30-49) Carol Heartdream is an angel creature. She is Gwendoline’s mother and the assistant principal at gloom valley high. She cares about everybody in gloom valley no matter what creature they are. She takes pity on people often and is too loving to ever get angry and argue with anyone. Shes is also very sympathetic and easy to talk to.

Hecate Wildflower: (Girls ages 14-21) Hecate is teen sorceress. She’s an unusual sorceress because she has grown horns on her head. She is mature and always careful about the types of spells she practices. She’s friends with Dusk, Dawn and Garnet, Nirvana and Dustin. Hecate likes to others before herself. Hecate is your ideal best friend and the besets friend you could ask for.

Nirvana Darkcry: (Girls ages 14-21) Nirvana is a cat that can turn human at any time. She gets the best of both worlds. But her sharp claws and tail will always be part of her. Nirvana is perky, talkative and joyful. She’s the opposite of gloomy. Nirvana dreams of going out with Tristan Hollowtree. She’s free spirited and outgoing. Nirvana daydreams a lot.

Dustin Hemlock: (Boys ages 13-18) Dustin is a nerd. He’s a elf creature. He’s a straight A student. The only holiday his family celebrates is Christmas. Dustin loves Christmas and will try to make it to every holiday party he can. He loves eggnog and listening to Christmas music every day of the year. It’s easy for him to get into the Christmas spirit. He’s friends with Dusk, Dawn, Garnet Hecate and Nirvana.

Younger Dusk Darkrose (Girls ages 4-10)

Younger Dawn Darkrose (Girls ages 4-10)

Tristian Hollowtree’s friends (Boys ages 13-21)

Girls walking around in gloom valley (ages (12-21)
Boys ages (12-21)
Women walking around in gloom valley (of all ages)
Men walking around in gloom valley (of all ages)

Camera operators

Boom operators

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

SEND EMAIL TO: lyricglamourbeautymodel@outlook.com
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay
NOTES: Regular photos are okay.

SEND EMAIL TO: brileylyric9@gmail.com
NOTES: Submissions can also be sent to: lyricglamourbeautymodel@outlook.com

No nude scenes are in this film. There are however scenes where actors will have to be in underclothes.

SAG Actors are welcome to audition as well.

Lyric Briley

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