Call for Entries for YouTube Film Channel “Indie Film Screening” #callforentries #filmscreening

Posted November 13, 2017

Indie Film Screenings is calling for entries for short films made by independent filmmakers worldwide. The show is called Indie Film Screenings. IFS will give filmmakers a chance to get their film seen on the show on the IFS YouTube film channel.

IFS producers will review each film and select the top films of the week and add it to the show screening list. Once selected to be broadcast on the show, IFS hosts will review your film and create a show around the film you sent. The hosts will present ideas, production tips, and ways to help market the film – giving the film artists FREE marketing, promotion and advertising on the show.

To get your film reviewed by the show’s producers, send your film link to:


Join the IFS Twitter page to get your film promoted on the show or submit your film to IFS producers.

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