Casting Call for Short Film “Backmasked” [Costa Mesa, CA] #casting

Posted September 1, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Michael is processing the death of his loved one, April, by putting on a song that had meant deeply to both of them. But as he processes through the moments, Michael begins to hear something aching to come out of the record player that the song plays on. As he looks into this, something happens beyond Michael’s understanding that may unexpectedly allow him to make peace with his loss.

TITLE: Backmasked
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film

COMPANY: Box of Marbles Production

DIRECTOR: Austin Bitter
WRITER: Austin Bitter
CASTING: Joshua Doss

DATE: TBA Late September (2017)
LOCATION: Costa Mesa, CA

Michael- (MALE; MID-TO-LATE THIRTIES) is in the midst of grief for the loss of his lover, April. We start off seeing him visibly, emotionally stilted and fractured by the loss. A scruffy beard is used to partly cover any possible emotion. As the story goes on, we’ll be understanding his grief beyond simply losing April, and the more he goes into detail, the more his emotions will begin to seep from him. But by this point, the loss has become so deep and numbing that when the emotion comes, there will be little to show. We will only see true happiness from Michael through the flashbacks with him and April together, but as April’s sickness comes into play, we’ll see exactly what led Michael to this emotional nadir, and how he could find his way out of it.

April- (FEMALE; MID-TO-LATE THIRTIES) is a folk musician; writing and performing her stripped-back, acoustic songs with Michael, who records the song that defines them as a couple. She had deeply loved him during her time alive, and as sickness slowly takes her away from him, their spark merely grows. But the realism of the situation can only grow further; the joy in her face diminishing day-by-day. When she returns in the attic, she can only speak in a muted, emotionless tone, but her presence grows the more she talks, until a sense of comfort pervades from only her voice, bringing Michael further to open up to her and make peace with his loss.

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film
NOTES: Will try to give DVD copy of film and will get IMDB credit.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: September 15, 2017
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay
NOTES: If possible, I would first like to see a video submission or video of recent work. If you do not have a video of recent work please submit a headshot and we will be in contact to set up a date for an in person audition. We want to find the best candidates for Michael and April so please relax into the audition (easier said than done I know). The best audition is when the actors are most comfortable being themselves and allowing the characters to come out from them.

The role of Michael is heavily demanding due to the emotional weight of his loss. And April as well has to have the ability to be free and open and let go as she will be singing as someone who has passed, she would have no inhibitions.

This is a small crew of artist in the Orange County area. We only promise to give you the best environment to allow your craft to flourish. Thank you and good luck!


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