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PLOT SUMMARY: Temperature is a romantic comedy that highlights the intricacies of dating in this day and age. Also focuses on on the common struggles and success that life brings for a recent college graduate. The film is from the perspective of three male best friends and four female best friends living in New York City.

Vince (Male lead) has had an interest in Sasha (Female lead) since college. Different social circles, long term relationships, and lack of opportunities has forced Vince to desire Sasha from a distant. Years later, they are both living in Brooklyn, NY and fate has brought them closer to each other once again. As this begins to take place, Luke (Sasha’s Love Interest) returns from playing ball overseas for a shot at the pros. Sasha is a major foodie that has a passion for cooking and follows popular food blogs. Her favorite food blog is written by a well-known anonymous food critic, which happens to be Vince. Vince is more known by his social media alias to his fans and followers.

Vince goes against all odds to take advantage of fate.

TITLE: Temperature
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Feature Film. The feature will be broken down into 3 episodes / shorts.
DISTRIBUTION: Internet, Film Festivals

DIRECTOR: Yosef Alexander
WRITER: Marcus Perkins / Joel Lulandala
PRODUCER: Marcus Perkins / Joel Lulandala
CASTING: Marcus Perkins / Joel Lulandala

DATE: September 2017 (Filmed primarily during weekends)
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

Vince Aladnalul –

The main character of the story is a black male introvert who is a successful and popular food critic thanks to social media. He is best friends with main characters Jason and Amir. He doesn’t want to waste any more time to find true love which is what makes him different from his best friends. He always had a crush on Sasha Day since college and fate has put him around her in New York City more times than he could imagine.

Sasha Day –

Sasha is a black female in her mid 20s. She is the love interest of the main character Vince. Her best friends Ashley, Victoria and Lisa are very close to her they have a strong bond. She has been with her current boyfriend for a few years and he is returning from playing international basketball for a shot at the pros. She would like to move towards taking the next step in the relationship but Luke begins to show that his intentions may not be what she would like. All the while her long time crush is slowly asserting his presence in her heart.

Victoria Berry –

Victoria Berry is a black female in her mid 20’s. She owns a cut & sew clothing brand with her friend Ashley. She and Ashley are Sasha’s best friends/roommates. She is the most out spoken out of the group. She has more free views on sex and relationships compared to her friends. She’s not overly promiscuous but definitely the most out of the girls.

Ashley Peters –

Ashley Peters is a black female in her 20’s. She owns a cut & sew clothing brand with her friend Victoria. Sasha appreciates Ashley’s perspective very much. She is the sweetheart of the group that wants true love for her friends. She is perceived to be the most innocent of the group but may be surprising.

Lisa Michaels –

Lisa Michaels is a black female in her 20’s. She is an online / radio personality. She is a very popular personality that is in the mix with celebrities. She is very close with her friends as they mean a lot to her, she is not being around as much for work in the music / entertainment industry but when she is it’s as if she was there all along.

Luther Parker –

Luke is a post college basketball star who has shined in his first year over seas. He is returning to hometown in New York to achieve his dream is of getting signed to the NBA which is starting to look very realistic. He is Sasha’s Day long time boyfriend and is trying to balance satisfying a love life and balancing the temptations of an uprising basketball star.

Rondell Kennedy-

Rondell is an black male who has been Luke’s best friend for many years and lives in New York.

Production Assistant (2)
Filming assistant (2-4)

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

DATE(1): 8/26/17, 1:00pm – 7:00pm
DATE(2): 8/27/17, 1:00pm – 7:00pm
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
BRING: Headshot, Regular photo okay
NOTES: You will be given a 2 min script upon arrival. Bring your resume and be prepared for a short improv scene with the writers.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: August 25, 2017
SEND EMAIL TO: tempthefilm@gmail.com
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay, Reel file, Reel link

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: August 25, 2017
SEND EMAIL TO: tempthefilm@gmail.com

Marcus Perkins

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