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Posted October 3, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: A girl is kidnapped and thrown into an arena that is the facility of a clone center. Here whether a clone or a natural born, children and adults must fight to entertain their audience.

TITLE: Murder Theatre
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Web Series
DISTRIBUTION: Internet, DVD, maybe Film Festival

COMPANY: Remnant Films Production
TWITTER: @andreveaseyii

WRITER: Andre Veasey Jr.
CASTING: Cortez Smith

DATES: Spring Break 2017
LOCATION: Little Rock, AR

Teens of Murder Theatre:

Eliza- A girl who’s been kidnapped and forced to participate in the fights. She meets many of the fighters. As she stays in the facility she learns more about her government’s plans for their country and possibly the world.

David- A strong boy who likes to make friends and protects his friends when necessary. He is a clone therefore he belongs to the facility but wishes for others to get out.

Jesse- A girl who’s original is in a show is a complete opposite of the real Jesse. She is sadistic and a masochist. She’s a clone.

Tiffany- She is a clone and fights in the Murder Theatre. She is insane and often thinks about how many ways a person can die as well as how will she do against a fight with Azuh, the only Original Sin at the facility.

Sade- A girl kidnapped and forced to fight. Her situation is similar to Eliza’s so they understand each other. She will do anything for Eliza to get out of the facility.

Livy- A girl who is in the Enlightened Program and knows about Azuh and his capabilities. She is good friends with Rower who she loves. Like Sade she wants Eliza to be free of the facility.

Lizy- She is a clone of Eliza but they have some differences and she cares for her clone. However she believes the best way to free both of them is to kill one another.

John- A clone in the facility who is always pumped up to fight.

Ana- The only one besides Rower who can contend with Azuh’s power and can calm him from his rages when his alternate personality emerges. Azuh is in love with her but doesn’t show it only giving her looks and tries to keep his distance from her.

Nick- A boy trying to find out who to fight next but tries to seek a meaningful purpose to keep fighting besides his desire to live.

Sarah- A girl who wants to beat Azuh so bad that she has private matches with him but Azuh kills her every time. This results in her coming back as a clone every time. By time Eliza arrives at the prison, she’s been killed seven times.

Laura- A girl clone who fights in the arena of the facility.

Gavin- A boy who bullies Eliza often when given the chance.

Carson- An insane boy who is apart of the Enlightened Program and is good friends with Rower and Azuh.

Savannah- A girl who everybody regards as a whore but she fights well in combat.

Kristen- She tries to seduce every man no matter what age at the prison, even the teens of the Enlightened Program. However she does this because she is a mass murder and a masochist.

Adults of Murder Theatre:

Wilson- The head of the facility and watches over the experiments himself.

Dinah- A security figure who does as she pleases and injured some of the facility’s people for no reason. However she does not mess with the teens of the Enlightend Program.

Sean- A clone in the facility who enjoys fighting and has already died twice.

Jeremiah- A clone who has died five times already and fights.

Heather- A woman who has been in the facility a long time who finds an interest in the teens of the Enlightened Program, especially Rower. Azuh constantly threatens to kill her.

Wendy- A woman who has already died once and doesn’t plane to die again.

Five security guards

Five scientists

Three cameramen

A director

A producer if possible

A person who has knowledge on lighting

Seeking a location that is in a building and an open space where a facility can be made. As well as cells, hallways, and meeting rooms.

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Snacks/Beverages
NOTES: This is purely a volunteer project.

TYPE: Video Audition
NOTES: If you do not send an audition video or a reel, you will not get the part for sure. Your talent must be observed to make a judgement on the character you fit. Also please keep the video audition under one minute for the sake of how much an email can send.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: November 15, 2016
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay, Reel file, Reel link
NOTES: If you don’t have a reel file or link that is okay. As long as you submit your interest and then an audition from the monologue we send you, you will be considered for a role.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: November 10, 2016
INCLUDE: Resume, Reel file, Reel link
NOTES: If you’re a beginner that is fine. Just tell us and we may be able to put you somewhere.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: November 15, 2016

This web series will be produced in Arkansas. Be aware that we have no money to give therefore if you are out of the state of Arkansas please keep in mind this is volunteer. Volunteer hours will be given.

Andre Veasey Jr.

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