UPDATED Casting Call for Feature Film “Taming Time” [Queens, NY] #casting

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PLOT SUMMARY: In the urban metropolis of New York City, seven friends embark on a hallucinogenic experiment, discovering the complexities in which their lives reflect onto one another, as they transcend into established adulthood.

TITLE: Taming Time
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals



Elli is a bubbly romanist, an animals rights activist, and a contemporary artist. She is direct, confrontational, and openly expressive with her emotions. Elli is incredibly compulsive and suffers with severe self esteem issues in wake of a deep traumatic past. She has recurring and vicious conflicts with Jesse, her sister. She is outgoing and extremely conversational, as-well always nurturing, grooming and caring for everyone personally, so much so, she was nicknamed, “Squad Mom.”

Luka is a rebel, he abides only with his own definition of ideals or morals, and although unfavorable in his decisions, he believes deeply in a causation to his very chaotic existence. Therefore he acts as if fate has enslaved him as a baneful individual, taking what he wants, and doing what he wants, with an arguable perception that all things happen for a reason, even to the people has hurt, stolen from, or terrorized. Luka was in multiple gangs throughout his entire life, falling into a self –destructive cycle after his father murdered his mother in front of him at 13. Now all he has is his best-friend, Kaiden, whom he’s known all his life.

Natalie is a carefree leader, with a huge heart, expressing immense unconditional love to the people around her. Struggling with her own mental illness, three years ago she opened her mother’s old home into an oasis for abused, homeless, or sick women. Alongside, Kaiden, she reigns in this palace, filled with diverse female misfits. Natalie condones Kaiden’s illegal activities, however pushes for him move forward, and leave Luka behind.

Mia is free spirited, and free flowing; neutrally accepting things as they are, and appear to be. She becomes infatuated with, Jesse, upon meeting her, and realizes Jesse’s concealment about their encounters, which incites issues from the very start of their affair.

Ivy’s body language is explosive and she loves to dance, her voice is powerful and loud with a mellifluous Jamaican accent. She’s the newest to Natalie’s home, leaving her boyfriend who battered her every night in a drunken rage.

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Snacks/Beverages

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“Ankida” is a transformative feature film, revolutionizing the perspective of observation and experience, crafting an “artificial reality,” where the audience can get lost in. Each character embodies the psychology of social niches, creating impressionable personalities and circumstances to saturate the audience with information and ideas in an immersive and entertaining platform. In addition, the film serves as a launchpad for creative revolutionaries of thriving contemporary culture and social activism, to promote mass-awareness, and solidify a historic image within this current “21st Century Renaissance.” Being set in modern day New York City, “Ankida” fully embodies the street art scene, and youth culture that keeps the city ever-changing throughout the ages, in its atmospheric approach to visual storytelling.This motion picture explores all ranges of philosophical and political thought to re-engage an apathetic, and misinformed millennial generation, by directly and indirectly expressing influential ideas such as, Education Reform, Police Brutality, Environmental Responsibility, National Poverty, Systemic Classism, Political, and Corporate Corruption, in an unbiased formatting, woven in circumstances and situations portrayed by the characters’ interpretation of their experiences in everyday life. “The foreground is the background, and background is the foreground;” essentially describes the method in which the narrative will be portrayed visually to the audience, in which isolating the characters from their environment based on their focus (internal & external conflicts), will ultimately give a wider perspective, elucidating how circumstances are influenced or intercepted by the crumbling society all around them. This directly allows the audience to apply the same principle to their own everyday life, changing perceptions and inspiring individuals to be, if not politically involved, actively involved in something of cause to their community.

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