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PLOT SUMMARY: A modern allegory to the story of Nineveh, “Helm’s Curse follows Duncan Riddell, who has just moved to Green Shoals, a coastal town that its citizens claim to be under a curse that brings endless rain to the town. Duncan sets out to solve the mystery of the curse and bring it to an end. Along the way, he meets a girl named Rowan who suffers from depression from the haunting memories of her mother’s and brother’s deaths. Duncan helps Rowan to discover God’s love and forgiveness while bringing hope to all of Green Shoals.

TITLE: Helm’s Curse
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Web Series – Christian-based Web series. Thirteen 30-minute episodes.
GENRE: Drama. SciFi. Christian.

COMPANY: Skyblueeyes Productions
WEBSITE: http://helmscurse.weebly.com

DIRECTOR: Bree Williams
WRITERS: Bree Williams, George Hellas
PRODUCERS: Bree Williams, Roy Keckler

LOCATION: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Charlie Hasson
Male. 40s or 50s.
Stubborn. Short-tempered.
7 months after the deaths of his wife and son, Charlie finds it hard to cope with his life. While relying on his daughter Rowan more than he should, he spends his days locked up in his bedroom. With the lessons Rowan learns from the Riddells, she can finally pass them on to her father.

Christopher Riddell
Male. 40s or 50s.
Stubborn. Optimistic. Distant.
Duncan is more like his father Christopher than he realizes. Both are too busy chasing after dreams to notice the life they have isn’t so bad after all.

Duncan Riddell
Male. 18.
Stubborn. Adventurous. Optimistic. Wise beyond his years.
Duncan grew up dreaming of the adventures he reads about in the books he loves. He is homesick for a life he knows exists only in stories. The mysterious town of Green Shoals may be where he finds the adventure he has been looking for.

Hugo Smith
Male. 50s or 60s.
Cryptic vengeful.
For reasons unknown to Duncan, Hugo seems to be set out to stop his investigations of Stanley Helm. Hugo is the son of Clyde Smith, a sailor who shipwrecked in Green Shoals with Stanley Helm. Since Clyde went missing when Hugo was a child, he has known it had something to do with Helm’s Curse.

Madison Barker
Female. 17.
Happy. Outgoing. Hopeless romantic. Naive.
Madison might be overly excited about little things, particularly boys, but she has a big heart and is always there for Rowan, even when Rowan denies needing anything at all.

Rory Dunn
Male. 17 years old.
Intelligent. Inquisitive. Adventurous.
As the former best friend of Rowan’s deceased brother, Rory and Rowan remain friends while they work together to investigate the curse.

Rowan Hasson
Female. 17 years old.
Stubborn. Distant. Timid. Short-tempered.
7 months have passed since a fatal house fire left Rowan angry and depressed. Because of her fear of losing anyone else, she holds everyone she knows at arm’s length, but when Duncan comes along, he refuses to let her shut him out.

Stephanie Riddell
Female. 40s or 50s.
Sweet. Peaceful. Wise. Loving.
The mother of Duncan and Taylor, and the wife of Christopher, Stephanie loves her family more than anything. While her husband fights for a divorce, she tries her best to remind him why they fell in love in the first place.

Sylvia Barker
Female. 40s or 50s.
Friendly. Outgoing. Independent.
As the owner of her own cafe in Green Shoals, she meets Duncan in his first week in town. She tells him all she knows about Helm’s Curse and gets to know him better when he befriends her daughter Madison.

Taylor Riddell
Male. 16.
Blithesome. Dreamer. Naive. Occasionally arrogant.
Taylor hears music everywhere he goes. The earth is a symphony in his ears. He looks up to Duncan like only a little brother can. He sees the best in Duncan and Rowan when they can’t see themselves very clearly.


Production assistant

Director of photography

Camera operators

1st assistant camera

Stunt coordinator

Set decorator/designer

Props buyers

Standby props

Property master


Key grip

Sound mixer

Boom operator


Sound editor

Location manager

Costume buyer

Script supervisor

Makeup/hair artist

Lighting technician

PAY: Paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE: October 8, 2016
LOCATION: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
BRING: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: August 8, 2016
SEND EMAIL TO: helmscurse@gmail.com
INCLUDE: Reel file, Reel link
AUDITION DETAILS: To apply for an audition, you must send an acting reel or a monologue to helmscurse@gmail.com with your name, age, and the name of the character you wish to audition for. If you are under 18 years old, include your parent’s phone number. If we think you are a fit for a role, we will contact you with information regarding the audition, which will take place on Saturday October 8, 2016 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: October 8, 2016
SEND EMAIL TO: helmscurse@gmail.com
INCLUDE: Resume, Reel file, Reel link

Helm’s Curse will be funded by a campaign on Indiegogo and we will ask all cast and crew to help us promote the campaign. Some cast and crew may be asked to film an interview for the campaign.

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