Casting Call for Short Film “A Happy Seven” [Minneapolis, MN] #casting

Posted February 18, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: An experiential portrayal of a young woman’s life with acute fibromyalgia, this experimental short film will seek to give viewers a more empathetic awareness of the physical and emotional challenges this disorder can present.

TITLE: A Happy Seven
TYPE: Student Film
CATEGORY: Short Film

DATES: March-April 2016
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

NORA – late teens to mid-20s
Nora is a strong-willed young woman who is constantly learning how to live with a case of acute fibromyalgia. She is perpetually in varying degrees of pain, and she daily experiences additional symptoms as well. She feels her pain is an unnecessary burden to everyone else, and so struggles with knowing how to balance vulnerability and a thick-skinned facade.

This role will be uniquely challenging and likely very gratifying for the right actress. It presents the opportunity to help raise awareness for this invisible illness in a very powerful and potentially life-changing way for everyone involved.

The chosen actress will learn about the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia, have multiple meetings with the director and a young woman who has acute fibro, and will clearly grasp the emotional struggles fibro puts people through.

MARGO – mid to late 20s
The older sister of Nora, Margo is the one who understands. Over the years she has learned how to appropriately support, challenge, and give her sister space. She is solid, reliable, insightful, and Nora’s best friend.

DIANE – 40s-60s
The mother of Nora and Margo, Diane is a good mom who loves her children. She’s never deeply understood fibromyalgia and doesn’t realize the challenge she can be for Nora, both physically and emotionally.

ALEX – 6-10 years old
The significantly younger brother of Margo and Nora, Alex is a contagiously joyful little boy. He doesn’t understand Nora’s fibro and often unknowingly causes her great pain.

ASHLEY – late teens to mid-20s
An old friend of Nora’s from high school, Ashley thinks she understands fibro, but really only has a surface-level understanding of some of the science behind it.

4-7 MALE & FEMALE EXTRAS – late teens to late 20s
These characters will possess varyingly low degrees of understanding and sympathy, creating a challenging environment for Nora when they approach the topic of fibromyalgia.

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: February 26, 2016
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME(1): February 25th, 6:30pm-10:00pm
DATE/TIME(2): February 26th, 6:00pm-10:00pm
ADDRESS: 2993 Lydia Ave W, St. Paul, 55112
BRING: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay
NOTES: Walk-in and skype auditions are permitted if necessary.

Sophie Meath

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