Casting Call for Short Film “White Matter” [Twin Cities, MN] #casting

Posted February 3, 2016

PLOT SUMMARY: White Matter follows two friends, Paul and Adam. Paul is a young loner who consumes his free time with hunting pedophiles online by posing as fake children. Adam is an man’s-man and a protective father and husband. He is also Paul’s boss. For his hobby, Paul needs portraits of young children that can’t be traced online, thus he asks Adam for one of his son. While trusting Paul with a portrait of his son, Adam discovers a truth that will shake his relationships with his family and Paul.

TITLE: White Matter
TYPE: Student Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals


DIRECTOR: Rob J. Gooding
WRITER: Rob J. Gooding
PRODUCER: Rob J. Gooding

DATES: March 17-20th (tentative) 2016. Four days in late March.
LOCATION: Twin Cities, MN

Paul (All ethnicities, 25-40): Timid, introverted, mild depressed, but charismatic when he needs to be. Got fired from a teaching position for “inappropriately touching a minor”. The family and Paul settles on terms that allowed Paul to not be on a “child molester” list as long as he would never teach again. Now he works as a web developer at a marketing firm with Adam where they share a good working relationship. They eat lunch together but never really hang out outside of work. He grew up on average means in a single-parent household and now lives modestly with the bare necessities.

Adam (Caucasian, 30-40): Tough, bearded/stubble, protective, American-made. Adam is a manager at the marketing firm and is responsible for hiring Paul. He’s self-made, proud, and comes from a small caring white-collar family, which translates into the care and protectiveness he puts into his own. His pride and protectiveness are worn on his sleeve in his everyday interactions. While Adam and Paul couldn’t be more different from each other, Adam holds a soft spot for Paul, which comes from being an older brother.

Beth (Caucasian, 30-40): inquisitive, worried, patient, kind. Beth is Adam’s wife. They met in college and married right after and having a kid right away. While Beth regrets not pursuing some of her dreams, she’s happy as a mother and part-time caseworker. While Adam is the breadwinner of the family, Beth is the foundation. She leads in finances, house maintenance, Jack’s upbringing, and spiritual growth.

Charlie 44 (All ethnicities, 35-60): creepy, charming, rough around the edges, and a pathological liar. Charlie is a married man who chats for hours each day with children online without anyone knowing. His addiction/attraction/illness convinces him it’s okay to seek out a sexual relationship with a young boy, especially if the young boy consents.

Jack (Caucasian, 9-13): innocent and playful. Jack is Adam and Beth’s only child. He’s a normal growing boy, curious about everything.

*Also looking for extras NO PAY – needed for one night at coffee shop for the following roles:
Barista (All ethnicities and ages) – serving customer coffee
Single Parent + Child (All ethnicities) – playing a board game
4 people (All ethnicities) – sitting and chatting

PAY: Paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME: February 20th & 21st, 2016: 12:15pm-5:15pm
BRING: Headshot, Resume

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: February 13, 2016
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Reel link
NOTES: We will contact you once you send headshots, resume, and a link to examples/reel for more information on location and a timeslot for your audition. Thanks!

Rob J. Gooding

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