Casting Call for Short Film “The Initiation” [Boston, MA] #casting

Posted December 18, 2015

PLOT SUMMARY: The Initiation is a film within a film. A film director and writer named Irwin has to make a short film before the weekend is over. The focus of the story is mainly on Irwin’s film “The Antidote” which is about a rich man named Rocko who gets poisoned by Jaws and his team of henchmen. Rocko must get the antidote back in order to live.

TITLE: The Initiation
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals
NOTES: Will post some on YouTube and other media websites.

DIRECTOR: Brian Hutchings
WRITER: Brian Hutchings

LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts

Rocko – Male. Age – 20-30.

Rocko is the main character of the film. He’s self aware that he’s making a movie and decides to go along with some shenanigans for the sake of making a film.

Grace – Female. 20-30.

Grace is Rocko’s girlfriend. She plays a major role in the films outcome. She is very athletic and toned. She has a fight scene at the end of the film so stage combat or fighting experience required.

Jaws – Male. Late 20’s – Mid 30’s.

The main antagonist. Jaws is a very goofy villain. He looks serious but the things he says are just downright goofy.

Blaze – Female. Early 20’s – Mid 30’s.

Blaze is Jaws’ right hand woman. Looking for a muscular or athletic female for the part as she is lifting weights in the film at one point. She mostly plays a bodyguard for Jaws as her dialogue is very minimal, but has a lot of screen time. She gets into a fight with Grace at the end of the film.

Henchman #1. 20-30. Male or female.

Henchman #1 is a good actor playing a bad actor. There is one part where he/she breaks character and goes off script. Looking for either a male or female for this part.

Henchman #2. Peter Lockaby. 20-30. Male.

Typical henchman except his character replaces his P’s with L’s and his L’s with P’s. His name is Peter Lockaby but goes by “Leter Pockaby.”

Irwin. 25-40. Male.

Irwin is the director/writer of the film.

PAY: Paid
OTHER: Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: Video Audition
NOTES: Prefer video audition, however, we can do appointment if necessary.

This is the first film in a four part series. The entire project is named Seven Days In July which is four stories that all come together as one. There are some roles that make cameos in the other 3 films, but nothing major in those.

Brian H

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