Casting Call for Short Film “Grey Shadows” [Dallas, TX] #casting

Posted December 8, 2015

PLOT SUMMARY: Charles awakes from a nightmare to find his daughter preparing breakfast just as she does every morning. Danielle rushes off to school, resistant to her father’s college talk as he is similarly resistant to speak of Amber, her dead mother and his ex­-wife. Charles and Danielle return home in better spirits and pack for their weekend trip to Grandmother’s house. With a surprise visit in the night from ex­-felon best friends, Johnny and Saul. Danielle’s and Charles’ trip takes a detour for the backcountry where new truths await.

TITLE: Grey Shadows
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Short Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals

DIRECTOR: Issa Currie
WRITERS: Kolby Howard, Kadie Spinks
PRODUCERS: Joshua Meek, Issa Currie

DATES: Late Jan. Early Feb. 2016
LOCATIONS: Dallas and Frisco, TX

Danielle – (Lead Female, Hispanic American, age 18­ – 20s) ­ Self­sufficient, only child, raised solely by her father, Charles. She is confident and usually enjoyable to be around. Outwardly she has it made in the shade with good grades, friends, boyfriend, etc., but with graduation on the horizon the weight of where she came from and where she is going is starting to consume her.

Allison – (Female, any Ethnicity, age 18 – ­20s) ­ Lighthearted, loving, easy to be around. She’s excited for college. Danielle and her have been best friends for seven years.

Charles – (Lead Male, Hispanic American, age Late 30s- 40s) ­ Routine, modern, keeps an immaculate home. He’s a single father who quit his job to take care of Danielle when she was born. Before that he followed in his deceased father’s footsteps by joining the CIA. He is slightly stuck in his past but, refusing to include Danielle there, comes back to the present when she’s around.

Young Charles – (Male, Hispanic, age 20s) ­ dominant, determined

Amber – (Female, Caucasian, age Late 30s – 40s) ­ Iron ­willed to get what she wants, always. CIA assassin for ~20years. Once she was in love but she loved her job more and still does.

Young Amber – (Female Caucasian, age 20s) ­ bloodthirsty, fire in her eyes

Jody – (Female, any Ethnicity , age 40+) ­ Former CIA safe house keeper. She was threatened ~20years ago which prompted her very early retirement from such work.

Young Jody – (Female, any Ethnicity, 20s) CIA safe house keeper

Johnny – (Male, Caucasian, age 25+) ­ Hitman for Amber for ~3mos, ruthless, loves knives, recently finished serving time for drug trafficking

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Meals, Snacks/Beverages

TYPE: By Appointment Only
DATE/TIME: Dec. 11, 2015 5pm-7pm
DATE/TIME: Dec. 12, 2015 1pm-3pm
BRING: Headshot, Resume
NOTES: Please send your headshot and resume to Auditions will held in Frisco, TX, Dec. 11-12. Time TBD. We are taking video monologue submissions if you have one. Thank you!!

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: Thursday, December 10, 2015
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume

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