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PLOT SUMMARY: The film revolves around a young woman named Erin, who is extremely dependent on her abusive boyfriend. Her life is rotting away as she allows him and everyone else to walk all over her. She has been through the worst of the worst, but her subconscious has had enough. Something finally clicks in her imprisoned mind and she releases an entity from within herself. This entities name is Monica, and she will do anything it takes to take control of Erin in order to prevent her from destroying herself any further. This film is a Psychological Drama, and is a very dark tale about the journey someone goes through in order to gain independence and confidence to take control of his/her life.

TITLE: Monica
TYPE: Independent Film
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Film Festivals
NOTES: Possibly, the film will be uploaded onto the internet for worldwide free viewing.

COMPANY: DGS Productions
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrGangstaSeal
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DrGangstaSeal/?fref=ts

DIRECTOR: Tommy Jackson
WRITER: Tommy Jackson
PRODUCER: Jay Hughes
CASTING: Tommy Jackson and Alexandra Church

DATES: June, 2016 – July 2016/ December 2016 – January 2017
LOCATIONS: Chicago and Oak Park, IL

Main Male Roles:

Derrick (Late 20’s to mid 30’s): Erin’s abusive and masogynistic boyfriend, currently employed as an undercover cop by the Chicago Police.

Marstin (Late 40’s to early 60’s): A homeless man who torments Erin on the street.

Captain (Late 30’s to early 50’s): Derrick’s commanding officer who is the head of his undercover operation.

Tatrel (Early 20’s to early 30’s): A drug dealer associate of Derrick’s.

The Boss (Early 30’s to Early 40’s): A ruthless drug dealer/pimp who controls the neighborhood Derrick and Erin live in. Derrick works for him as a drug slinger.

Store Manager (Mid 20’s): A store manager at a clothing store who has a volatile interaction with Erin.

Tommy (Mid 20’s – Early 40’s): A bachelor that Erin meets at a New Year’s Eve party 6 months after her outburst.

Main Female Roles:

Erin (Early 20’s to mid 30’s): A young woman whose destructive hatred of herself, and strong dependance on others, causes a dark entity to come from within her and change her into a different person.

Monica (Early 20’s to mid 30’s): (No speaking for this role) Erin’s dark, subconscious entity that is only seen in a demon like physical form, and heard in her head as a menacing voice.

Angel (Mid 30’s to late 40’s): A veteran hooker who works the streets of the ghetto Derrick and Erin live in. She is The Boss’s top hoe, and plays an extremely vital role in the story of the film.

Michelle (Early 30’s to early 40’s): A bartender who works for The Boss in his club.

Amber (Late teens to mid 20’s): A young, desensitized hooker who takes a liking to Erin and her murderous rage.

Rachel (Mid 20’s – Mid 30’s): Becomes one of Erin’s closest friends, and is vital to the fourth act of the film. She’s blunt, funny, and sarcastic.

Cassidy (Mid 20’s – Mid 30’s): Becomes one of Erin’s closest friends, and is vital to the fourth act of the film. She’s vibrant, preppy, and a major extrovert.

Featured Extras (Male and Female)

Tiffany (Late teens – Early 30’s): The woman Derrick is having an affair with.

Martha (Late 20’s – Late 30’s): A hostess of a New Years Party at the end of the film. A close friend of Cassidy.

Bum (Late 30’s – Early 60’s): A homeless man who Erin mistakes for Marstin. She assaults him, leaving him bleeding in an alley and New Years Eve.

Blowjob Hooker (Early 20’s – Early 30’s): Great name right… Haha A hooker who is giving Tatrel oral sex in his car when Derrick and Erin pull up next to them at a stoplight. She exchanges a small conversation with Derrick as she gets out of the car and walks away.

Guard 1 (Late 20’s – Early 40’s): One of The Boss’s large body guards.

Guard 2 (Late 20’s – Early 40’s): Another one of The Boss’s large body guards.

Bouncer (Late 20’s – Early 40’s): A bouncer at the strip club The Boss works from.

Store Manager (Early 20’s – Early 40’s): A ignorant and stuck up store manager has an awkward confrontation with Erin.

The Pompous Man (Early 20’s – Early 40’s): (Not a speaking role, but featured screen time) A pompous and pathetic man that Cassidy suggests Erin should hit on.

Waiter (Early 20’s – Early 40’s): (Not a speaking role, but featured screen time) A waiter who serves Cassidy, Rachel, and Erin their meals.

Production Assistants
Electrics and Grips
1st AC
1st AD
Location Scout
Location Manager

Apartment (Gritty, in the city, above the 2nd floor of a building): Contains a bathroom inside of the bedroom.

Bar/Club (preferably club): In the film this is a strip club, so we want to see how much we can play around with that idea.

Town house (A nice, large town house for the New Years Eve party scene)

Clothing Store

PAY: Non-paid
OTHER: Film Credit, Copy of Film, Meals, Snacks/Beverages
NOTES: This is an independent feature film that will be funded by raised money. No one involved in this production will make any money. The purpose is to make a film that can push everyone career’s forward, and create wonderful connections on set. The film will be entered into countless festivals, and will be free to watch on the internet.

TYPE: Video Audition
SUBMISSIONS DUE: November 1st 2015 – May 1st 2016
SEND EMAIL TO: Jackson.th@artist.uncsa.edu
INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Regular photo okay
NOTES: Video Audition. Reading of script sides we send you for specific roles you’re interested in. Send the video audition(s) back to us when you finish.

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: May 30th, 2016
SEND EMAIL TO: Jackson.th@artist.uncsa.edu
INCLUDE: Resume, Reel file, Reel link

SEND EMAIL TO: Jackson.th@artist.uncsa.edu

Tommy Jackson
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