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STATUS: Non-Union
FORMAT: 35mm, 16mm, HD, DV
DISTRIBUTION: Public access
PRODUCERS: E. Jonathan Aycox, Brittney-Nicole
WRITER: Brittney-Nicole
DIRECTORS: Brittney-Nicole, Ray Anthony, Clifford L. Johnson
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Charlie O Productions
SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Atlanta, GA; Conyers, GA; Covington, GA


What if the person you trusted the most was the utmost liar you’d ever met?

Bria Fallon is the most ambitious woman that people know. She’s got sex appeal, charisma, money and fame. She’s also a fanciful liar. Corey Mathew supports and aids her in the greatest revolting ways to uphold all of her secrets and shameful excursions. Six close friends who live their full lives every day with simple bliss; ultimately all find out that their closest trusted ones are withholding truth; about what honestly happened two years ago.


[LEAD] Bria J. Fallon: [or “Fallon”}: 25 years old, biracial, female. Bria is the established owner and designer of “TEA Fashion”. Born in Southern California, and raised in Sicily, Italy. Bria’s perception of life is “what you make of it.” Bria is the twin sister to all-American football star Creston Fallon; 5th of 7 children and, raised by self-made parents. Bria is strong for her age. She is hard, and has become quite cynical herself from life lessons. She is close with her family and radiates love exclusively to them. She is the glue that holds her close friends Simon, Ty and Chelsea together. However; Bria is slowly unraveling in her own skin. Suppressed emotions cannot longer consume her conscience. – [Suppression]

[2nd Lead]Chelsea Cucuta: [“Chels”], 25 years old, Latin, female. Chelsea is a Dance and Dramatic Arts Teacher at Langley School of Drama. Born and raised in Cali, Colombia. This spitfire is always the reason for problems. Chels is the 4th of 10 children; by both of her married parents whom made it to where they are by overturning counterfeit money to the Colombian cartel. Chels stands for nothing but the best. This beauty is iced by the harm and trouble she watched and was exposed to as a young girl. However; the ‘iced’ Chels is not as icy as she presumes to be. She is deeply a sucker for love, happiness, and normalcy. – [Paranoia]

Simon C. Gavin: 26 years old black, female. Simon is a Radio and Communications Assistant Associate Professor, at Arizona State University. Born in Tennessee, and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Perception of everything is skewed. Biased in a contradicting way; her life has always been tougher than most. Her ideas are always sought after; however she never follows through with any of these ideas; for the innate fear of failing. She hides her relationship with an out homosexual female: Michelle “Ty” Tyler. Simon is afraid of living her life. Hence, she lives a lie. –[Fear]

Michelle Tyler: [“Ty”], 21 years old biracial, female. Born in New Zealand, and raised in South Africa; [Ty and her family move to Arizona for Ty to have the chance at her dream: playing in the WNBA]. Ty has the most honest perception of life. She was raised in an accepting family where nothing is considered ‘right or wrong.’ Ty is the best person in this script. She finds an aura of life and love to everything. She is a sophomore, at Arizona State University; athletic young woman—diligent at volleyball and kinesiology. Ty is passionately in love with Simon; and inherently exudes that love, to a fault. –[False Hope]

Lynne A Acworth: [“L.A.”], 26 years old Caucasian, female. L.A. is the CEO of L.A.II Productions based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Born and raised in Los Angeles California. L.A.’s perception of things and people are always in an arbitrated way. Her way is always better than others. Her thoughts are always right. Openly homosexual; almost to the point where it is exasperating. She prides herself on ‘success’ while all of her successes were inherited; by her well-known father: Lennon A. Acworth. L.A. is the partner and girlfriend to succumbed young Jessica; Simon’s younger sister. –[Control]

Jessica V. Gavin: 23 years old, black, female. Born in Tennessee, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Jessica is a 5th year senior at Arizona State University. She is young and earnestly impressionable. Jessica moves to Arizona to get a shot a better life with her older sister, Simon. Jessica has an enormous desire to help those in need and live life [humanitarian]. Jessica is [alone] a happy person. Together: with her partner L.A. she is miserable. Frankly Jessica capitulates to L.A. to pacify L.A. which always will end, terribly.-[Submission]

Creston J. Fallon: 25 years old, biracial, male. Creston is a professional football player. Born in Southern California, and raised in Sicily, Italy. Creston shares the same family [values] of his twin sister Bria. Creston is the 6th of 7 children; and is a very “family first” kind of Athlete. Creston is best friends with his sister; Bria. They intrinsically show “twin telepathy” to the point where it almost harmfully affects Creston’s career. Nevertheless; Creston is ‘held down’ by his best friend Corey Matthews. His polar opposite; yet still Creston is the character that allots the idea of hope, love, and perseverance. – [Subdual]

Corey Matthews: 26 year old, Hispanic, male. Founder and Owner of “FIN” an upscale chain Restaurant/Bar. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Corey is a ‘rough around the edges’ kind of guy. Graduating top of his class from Texas Tech University with a dual degree in Business and Marketing Management; Corey has always kept his business life separate from his personal life. Corey and Bria are and have been best friends since college. Their “on and off” secret love spats only make Corey gravitate more toward Bria. What simply keeps Corey and Bria nonexclusive is the potent fact that Corey is Creston’s [Bria’s twin brother] best friend, as well. – [Egotistical]

Blake C. Dutch: 27 year old, Caucasian, male. Blake is an Executive Producer for “LLC Productions”; a direct competitor of “L.A.II Productions”. Blake is an Arizona native, and is also a close friend to Corey Matthews and Creston Fallon. Blake plays the role of Bria’s ‘exclusive’ love interest while neither of them is interested in one another. Blake is a “born with a silver spoon” kind of guy. He gets what he wants. He is the boss. He is the Prick. Blake is the homophobe of the script. Blake, however; spirals out of control once his “authority” is taken from him and he is left with nothing and no one to control.-[Greed]

Kyle P. Jacobs III: [“Trey”] 26 years old, Caucasian male. Kyle is a pre-med student in Arizona; the son of a well-respected surgeon. Kyle is a native of Plainfield, New Jersey and relocated to Arizona for a more elite chance at a slot in Plastic Surgery. Kyle was born in a family where it doesn’t matter how you make it: just make it. He exudes this quality of upbringing with his slack at respect for women. Kyle dates Chelsea Cucuta on and off for years [before script] and eventually realizes that Chelsea is it for him. His natural grain conveys otherwise and Kyle cheats on Chelsea: pathologically cheats on her. – [Adulterer]

Von Callous: 28 years old, biracial, male. Von is THE investor of “TEA”, “FIN”, and “LLC Productions.” He is born and raised in FT. Lauderdale, Florida by two wonderfully impressive parents. However; Von is the definition of “internalized racism.” Von is ashamed of his African American Culture because he was adopted by an Upper Class Caucasian family, in Suburbia; who are by-the-book racists. Von daily hides how ashamed he is by exclusively dating Caucasian women; until one slip up with the wrong women {not established} makes him face his true identity. In the meantime; Von is so impressed by how young and successful Corey, Blake, and Bria are he offers them something they cannot turn down. – [Humiliation]


Assistant Director
Boom Operator
Camera Operator
Locations Manager / Assistant Locations Manager
Make-Up Artist
Steady Cam Operator

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: November 7, 2014
AUDITION DATES: November 3-7, 2014
AUDITION ADDRESS: 50 Salem Chase Way, Conyers GA, 30013
SPECIAL NOTES FOR AUDITION: Prepare for a cold read


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