Casting Call for Web Series “Daddy’s Girl” [Atlanta, GA] #casting

Posted May 2, 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Daddy’s Girl Web Series
STATUS: Non-Union
DISTRIBUTION: Public access
PRODUCERS: Samira Finley & Brittany Shearod
WRITERS: Samira Finley & Brittany Shearod
DIRECTORS: Samira Finley & Brittany Shearod
CASTING AGENTS: Samira Finley & Brittany Shearod
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: June 14th – August 14th


Daddy’s Girl is a web series that follows Vanessa, a young woman who is trying to find her way in life without the presence of a father while also dealing with a mother who isn’t all there mentally. Daddy’s Girl takes you through a wealth of emotions that many fatherless girls experience as Vanessa’s father tries to re-enter her life after a five year hiatus.


Vanessa (Main Character) – An 18 year old African American woman who is not quick to open up and can be difficult to read as well as stubborn. Vanessa seems tough on the outside, but is actually quite sensitive. She loves to draw, so the actress’ ability to sketch is a plus, though not a requirement.

Tina (Vanessa’s Mother) – A 35 year old African American woman who can be selfish, narcissistic, and kind of fake. Her mood changes with the wind – one minute she is sweet and the next, vicious.

Eric (Vanessa’s Father) – A 36 year old African American man who has a calm demeanor but is also flaky.

Beverly (Eric’s Wife/Vanessa’s stepmom) – A 34 year old materialistic, self-centered, pushy woman. She is not African-American, but we are open to ethnicities beyond that.

Jade (Vanessa’s Best Friend) – An 18 year old African American woman who has a “down for whatever” attitude, a foul mouth, but also a big heart.

Pam (Jade’s Mother) – A 38 year old African American woman who is delusional and very naïve. To most, she seems to be quite classy and professional.

Kenny (Pam’s Boyfriend) – A 37 year old African American male who is lazy, worthless, and sneaky.

Cameron aka Cam – A 23 year old African American man who is charming, handsome, confident, and used to getting what he wants. There is an underlying mystery to Cam that people just don’t get. The actor must have an athletic build.

Marcus – A handsome 18 year old African American male.

Sheri – An 18 year old woman with a foreign ethnicity but is “Americanized.”

Greyson – A 20 year old African American male who is very proper, boring, and nice.

Alan (Greyson’s roommate) – A 20 year old Asian male with a great sense of humor and slight videogame addiction.

Lorraine – An extremely attractive 30 something year old Caucasian or Mixed woman.

Javi – A 21 year old male who is Hispanic and African American or Hispanic and Caucasian. Must be very cute.

Darren – A 36 year old Caucasian male.

Ms. Jessup – Professional woman. Any Ethnicity. 30’s-40’s

Alisha – An Indian woman in her 40’s.

Jai – An Indian man in his 50’s.

Tracie – A beautiful blonde Caucasian woman in her late 20’s-early 30’s.

Matt – An attractive Caucasian male in his 30’s. He is a huge douchebag.

Alfred – A 30 year old nerdy man. Any ethnicity.

Kyle – A handsome Caucasian male, 30’s-40’s, with athletic build.

Tanya – A thick, African-American female in her early-to-mid 20’s. Must be fine screaming for someone’s attention.


A heavy-set male in his 30’s-40’s. Any ethnicity.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals

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