Casting and Location Calls for TV Pilot “True Vice” [New Jersey] #casting #locationcall

Posted October 13, 2013

STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Television
FORMAT: 35mm, HD
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCER: Walter Henry Storricks
WRITER: Ellis Minatee
DIRECTOR: Ellis Minatee
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Everitt Productions
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Late November – Early February


What do you get when you put the spawn of a mobster, a drug dealer, a pimp, and a dirty cop together?

Pulp Fiction meets The Sopranos.

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Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 23-26
Height: 5’11 – 6’3

Domenick is the son of moderately known mobster, Sal Lombardi. His relationship with his father is mostly about pleasing Sal and doing whatever his father wishes him to do. Sal’s constant strain upon him is the main driving force between Dom’s alcoholism and sexual compulsion.

Personality: Dom is a lost soul. He doesn’t have any aspirations or dreams outside of the fact that he wants to be free of his father’s control over his life. Because of Sal’s dominion over him, he was never allowed to develop his own interests other than women and liquor. His hedonism always goes into overdrive when he feels stressed or suffocated. Sometimes he can be overconfident, which doesn’t do anything but make him look stupid in the end.

Ethnicity: African American
Age: 23-26
Height: 5’11 – 6’3

Quentin is a drug dealer whose older brother, Jerome, is a cop. He lives with his brother but prefers to have as little contact as possible with him. He considers his best friend, Ray, more of a family member than his own brother.

Personality: Quentin is quiet and modest most of the time, but can be condescending smart ass when he comes across stupidity or when he feels his intelligence is being insulted. Unlike Domenick, he is a leader not a follower. He is the most intellectual and when push comes to shove can be manipulating.

Ethnicity: Asian American
Age: 23-26
Height: 5’11 – 6’3

Ray is a pimp. A trade he took after his grandmother, Anna, retired from being a madam. His grandmother was the only person in his life he actually cared about until he was nine and met his best friend, Quentin Reynolds. Like Quentin, he wants nothing whatsoever to do with his family outside of his grandmother. When it comes to his employees, he does his best to do right by them. When it comes to a romantic relationship with women, he has no trouble whatsoever getting into their pants but doesn’t have (nor wants to have) the emotional concentration to sustain a relationship outside of the simple physical aspects. He would rather have a woman just be his friend or friend with benefits and intensely resists any kind of attempts to change his philosophy of the subject.

Personality: He is intensely sarcastic and blunt with generally everybody he encounters. He mistrusts everybody around him except, Quentin, and Anna. He does not care at all what people think about him and usually says exactly what is on his mind. The two people he does care about he is intensely protective of and will go to extreme lengths to correct whatever has been done wrong to them. Underneath his tough, hard, and manipulating exterior, he is very sentimental and mostly driven by emotion.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 23-26
Height: 5’7 – 6’0

Arianna is Dom’s wife. She has little respect for her husband and just about as much respect for her marriage vows. Like Dom, she messes around as well and does not nor never cared if her husband does the same. She was forced into marrying Dom and liked him even less when she discovered that he was an alcoholic. She is the only person that can basically stand up to Sal.

Personality: Arianna is very cultured, she loves to read and listens to opera and classical music. She can be very selfish, blasé, and cold and makes it obvious that she is not gonna conform to the stereotypical wifely role that Sal wants her to be for his son.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 47-54
Height: 5’9 – 6’2

Vincent is his Sal’s younger brother and wing man. Generally, he gets verbally and sometimes physically abused by his brother due to his somewhat innocent cluelessness. He looks up to his brother and does his best to try to please him, even though most of the time he messes it up.

Personality: Vincent is not book smart and oblivious, but enjoys cooking and baking and collecting recipes. Unlike his brother, he has other interests outside the realm of being a gangster.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 28-33
Height: 5’11 – 6’3

Boyd is a detective for the police department and is working partners with Quentin’s brother, Jerome. He comes from a military background, since his father and uncle were both involved in the Gulf War. He tried joining the military himself, but wasn’t able due to his less than perfect eyesight.

Personality: Boyd has no problem whatsoever saying things that are out of turn. When it comes to his goals he’ll destroy anybody that gets in his way, regardless of whom they are. He gets plenty of women but is still is a bit of misogynist, treating his conquests like trash. An amoral individual, he has no problem doing things that aren’t looked upon favorably just so long as it benefits himself.

Ethnicity: African American
Age: 28-33
Height: 5’11 – 6’3

Jerome is a detective for the police department is partners with Boyd O’Connor. Him and his younger brother, Quentin’s relationship is practically on the edge of nonexistent even though they live together. Jerome is selfish, has no problem blaming other people for his own mistakes, and when push comes to shove a raging coward. In his brother’s eyes, he is seen as being pitiful and worthless.

Personality: He enjoys being in a position of authority and abusing it to his own advantage. Though he does possess these qualities, he doesn’t have the brains to be able to successfully benefit from it. He thinks too highly of himself and refuses to deal with his own idiocy when confronted.



OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Snacks/beverages
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: Friday, October 25th, 2013
AUDITION DATE: Sunday, October 27th, 2013
AUDITION ADDRESS: 201 Mullica Hill Rd., Glassboro, NJ 08028


Seeking actors and actresses of any race between the ages of 23 and 34 for an independent TV pilot. Looking for thespians that are reliable and take their craft seriously.

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