Casting Call for Web Film “Redux Identity” [Huntsville, AL] #casting

Posted August 26, 2013

PROJECT TITLE: Redux Identity
STATUS: Non-Union
DISTRIBUTION: Public access
PRODUCER: Bryna Toland
WRITERS: Bryna Toland and Austin Hilbert
DIRECTOR: Bryna Toland
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fine and Simple Productions
SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Starts filming in November, will last for four seasons.
SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Huntsville, Alabama


Dallas and Evan are a teen ghost hunting team who has just had all of their equipment stolen. With their whole web show and money gone they turn to Dallas old friends C.J. who is a loner tech wiz. While hanging out with C.J. Dallas and Evan start finding that C.J. is keeping information about an underground static cult. Now Dallas and Evan must find out who the strange new girl Adrienne is and what their friend is really hiding. Is all of this just an old town legend or an evil cult trying to end the world?


1) Female/16-20/ Any Ethnicity.
Adrienne is a young girl whose family has just died in a car accident. She is sent to live with her Uncle in Green Mountain, Alabama. Adrienne quickly realizes that there is more to this town than she thought, when she finds herself in the middle satanic cult. As the female lead Adrienne is strong and powerful as well as being quiet, scared and sad.

2) Male / 18-24 yrs. / Caucasian.
C.J. is a lonely young tech wiz who is keeping many secrets about the town and his past.

3) Male / 18-24 yrs. / Caucasian.
Lucas is Mr.Perfect party frat boy from Florida. He is rude, hot headed, and sexy.

4) Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Kevin is the best friend of Lucas. He is a chill and quite frat boy.

5) Male / 31-40 yrs. / Caucasian.
Pastor James McConnell a young and hopeful pastor up in till 1969 when he makes a pact with the devil so he can live forever and never suffer the true wrath of hell. But being forever youthful comes at a price. McConnell must find and build an army strong enough to fight and win the second war of the heavens. To do this he decides to set the McConnell camp in the 1971. The camp comes off as a refuge for hippies and lost souls but is really is a satanic cult where McConnell brain washes the poor souls of society. The lead antagonist, he is dark, evil, selfish, and powerful.

6) Female / 25-30 yrs. / Caucasian.
Billie’s Mother is a young single hippie woman, who is just trying to find a safe place for her and her Daughter to live.

7) Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
Mason is an ungrateful, selfish, greedy young man.

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Transportation
SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: September 15, 2013

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