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Posted June 14, 2013

PROJECT TITLE: Law of the Land
STATUS: Non-Union
CATEGORY: Feature Film
DISTRIBUTION: Festival circuit
PRODUCER: Gabrielle Lui
WRITER: Edward Varnie
DIRECTOR: Edward Varnie


While the drug epidemic grips national and local news waves, local dealers and traffickers double cross one another for a piece of pie. The perfect hitman, Ash, is hired to restore order by the drug kingpin. Αsh’s code is put to the test when he is double-crossed and forces him to choose between his code of discipline and his private life.


RENAE BILLUPS – Female/African American/fair/light skin complexion/LEAD/20-30/: an attractive, approachable woman caught between emotion and reason. A encounter with Ash creates a complicated dynamic within her life. That ultimately makes reexamine her relationship with her brother Charles. MUST BE OKAY WITH NUDITY.

The role of Renae is a good opportunity to establish one’s on-screen presence and capacity. She is in emotionally charged scenes opposite the male lead of film and is allowed to showcase a broad range of emotions. It will be intense and exacting, demanding much concentration and preparation.

CHARLES “CHUCK” BILLUPS – Male/African American/LEAD/20-30: Renae’s brother and Sarge’s nephew and a lieutenant in his drug dealing organization. He was mainly responsible for leading the corner boys in their street dealings and coordinating their earnings and enforcing. He was the main connection between the upper levels of the crew and the street kids that were selling the product. He struggles with his desire to rise in the organization while remaining loyal to his cousin.

MARCO SCOTT – Male/African American/ Supporting/20-30: is a loyal drug dealer for the Billups organization and partner to Chuck, who has served brief prison time for various crimes.

BOOKER “Sarge” BILLUPS – Male/African-American/supporting/24-32: is the head of the Billups organization. He comes from the projects, operates within the projects and plans to expand outside of the projects.

MITCH RATLIFF: Male/African American/Supporting/22 – 32: Mitch is Sarge’s second-in- command, closest friend, advisor and the main strategist behind coordinating their street dealing organization which he does as the main contact for all business, while he runs various legit businesses. He maintains an aspiration to a clean businessman. Together, they operate out of a Barbershop which is a front for money laundering owned and licensed under a clean member of their gang.

TREVOR RILEY: Male/Caucasian/Supporting/26-35: Trevor is a smart methodical veteran detective who makes major contributions to the Billups organization by serving has informant to Mitch in exchange for major arrests leads.

BERNARD GRIER: Male/African American/Supporting/24-32: Bernard is a reckless street level stick-up thief, Bernard is unanimously disliked and feared by drug dealers and criminals throughout the city as his heists hit them hard, while his loyalty code keeps him good standing with the likes Chuck and Marco.

FELICIA BRIGGS: Female/African American/Supporting/24-20: Felicia is Bernards partner and close friend. She’s almost always included on all of Bernards major decisions. Athletic build preferable.

SHANA SWANIER: Female/African American/Supporting/20-27: Shana is the love interest of Benard and best friend to Renae. MUST BE OKAY WITH NUDITY.

MANNY MONTOYA: Male/Hispanic/Supporting/ age unspecified: Manny is a mid level gun dealer and former enforcer. He works from time to time with Ash and his handler McNeil. Manny is one of the few people that actually knows Ash’s name.

MCNEIL: Male/Caucasian/Supporting/mid to late 40’s: Mcneil is a mobster who brokers various deals for known criminals in and around the city. He serves as a mentor and handler to Ash. Often handling his finances and screening the contracts Ash is offered.

DENNIS WORLEY: Male/African American/Supporting/20-24: Dennis works as a dealer and muscle for Bernard.

FEATURED ROLES – all have lines

ANTWAN BIGGS: Male/African American/Supporting/24-32: Antwan works for Bernard as muscle and a dealer.

STICKS: Male/African American/Supporting/24-32: Sticks works for Bernard, he is a friend and advisor who gives Bernard money when he is in need.

BRIELLE BIGGS: Female/African American/Featured/7-10: Brielle is Antwan’s little sister who sees a violent act that scares her half to death.

LENNY: Male/African American/Featured/17-20: Lenny is a young hungry dealer. MARVIN: Male/Hispanic-Latino/Featured/17-20: Marvin is a young bright-eyed boy who lives next door to Ash. He admires Ash a lot, like a hero.

ANDREA: Female/Any Race/Featured/18-22: Andrea is an attractive hip young woman. She is as sassy as she is smart. She works as a merchant at the flea market that is attracted to Ash.

DEALER #1: Male/African American/Featured/Mid to late 20’s: Type cast if possible- tattoos/braids

DEALER #2: Male/African American/Featured/Mid to late 20’s: Type cast if possible- tattoos/braids

FEATURED ROLES: No lines, but will have definite screen time since they are in multiple scenes and have specific actions.

ROB SEANGER: Male/Caucasian/Featured/20 to 30: Rob owes Sarge money and has gotten himself into some trouble.

ROB’S GIRLFRIEND: Female/Any Race/Featured/mid 20’s: She is Rob Seanger’s girlfriend.

SARGE’S BODYGUARD: Male/African American/Featured/late 20s: He is in almost every single scene that Sarge is in. Muscular build, stocky.

DEALER(S) – 3: Male/African American/Featured/20’s: tattoos, cornrows, typecast, etc.


Make-Up Artist
Costume Designer

If you are applying for a crew position please email


Upscale Loft/Apartment
3 Motels
Barber Shop
2 Seedy Apartments
Hookah Bar
Coffee Shop

OTHER COMPENSATION: Film credit, DVD copy, Meals, Snacks/beverages, Transportation
SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: Headshot, Resume, Snapshot okay


If you are applying for a crew position please email

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